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June 2002

Batch 93 people has been planning for the upcoming GRAND REUNION
(10 years) of our Batch (UPIS 1993)... There are committees formed
already. Committee meetings are held regularly.

The reunion will be held any day of December, year 2003

With our continuing efforts, most of our batchmates were already
informed of our GRAND REUNION (90 plus % of our total population)...

We hope that all of us would participate not only in planning but
also in spreading the word to our batchmates... See you all soon!

December 1998

See ya all at UPIS... We will be having our homecoming on the
12th of December... Hope to see all of you there...

August 1998

It has been 5 years since UPIS Batch 93 graduated from high school.
We might hold a reunion this coming December. This will be in line
with the General Alumni Homecoming of UP High, Prep, Elem, and UPIS.
There is no date and venue yet.

Every member of Batch 93 is invited to the reunion. This will be an
opportunity for renewal of friendships, networking and a chance to
reminisce the good old days of fun and laughter.

Details can be obtained from any of the members who has e-mail which
can be seen in the batch directory. Just write your name and contact
number and one of them will get back to you. Please visit this site
again for further announcements.

B A T C H 1 9 9 3
Post it
To all the members of Batch 93, if you had or will be having get-togethers, gimmicks, parties or whatever, you can post it here and let everyone know about what's happening to you or your friends! You can submit the story and pictures to Kaysee Razon or Alexei Camurungan